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Radical By Choice — Part One

Developing an Intuition for Radicals Photo by Oleg Laptev on Unsplash Radicals The word radical is overloaded in the vernacular probably because it is important. Catchy as the title may appear, our concern is math radicals! Pun aside, they are a mathematical construct — a product of the human mind. Their serendipitous emergence in natural laws is a curious … Continue reading Radical By Choice — Part One

Minding The Gap

Dual Perspective Of The Mind Photo by Jon Flobrant on Unsplash Streaming hither the mind Is but a granular world Emotions that abound, Measly phantoms furled Grains beheld in tricolor, Got draped as eleganceImages the minds conjureAre for their acceptance Morsels on taste budsAre grains that lingerFragments that marinateWith enzymes and stir Birdsong is but a stream Impinging on the earGranular is … Continue reading Minding The Gap

Radical By Scale

Nature’s Quarter Power Scaling Laws Why isn’t average human lifespan a million years? Why do organisms stop growing, age, and die? A curious child may drive her parents crazy with such questions. Innocuous as they sound, they hide profound secrets. In the fourth installment of Radical Series, let us explore universal scaling laws that have a radical … Continue reading Radical By Scale

The Last Word

Entropy: The Grim Reaper Photo by Patti Black on Unsplash Entropy The arrow of time Points only one wayFrom a bud to a bloomA fleeting passageway Order reigned supreme O’er yonder big fireworksDisorder crept in gentlya shadow that lurks Shore up ye humanFor the shadow grows longSavor the precious momentYou get to sing along There is no escapeFrom its … Continue reading The Last Word